To me, its name (from Latin res publica, ‘public affair') resonated a lot with the idea of smells, the rawest, most unfiltered sensations of all, bringing people together, making them equal on a primal level. Very different people from very different countries, cultures, walks of life etc. Nose Republic the brand is based on the same simple idea.

The stories I want to tell with perfumes are simple, too — but genuine. Originally rooted in my culture, these stories are universal — again, on a primal level — and will vibrate through many souls. The longing for space, the thrill of running free through the woods, the rush you get when viewing the city at night, from the top of a high building, — some of these feelings, I’m sure, have passed through the rooms of your mind.

Let them pass again with Nose Republic — and leave fragrant traces on those imaginary door handles.

Ksenia Golovanova
Nose Republic grew out of an eponymous blog — my first Telegram channel about perfume.